6 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Clutter In Your Home

Is It Time To Get Rid Of Clutter In Your Home?

Lockdown has changed what we want from our homes and how we live in them, opening our eyes to all the clutter we have collected over the years and shedding light onto the stuff we no longer want or use. The question is, where do we even start? Is the idea of tackling that junk draw just too overwhelming? Don’t panic, this article is just what you need.

Firstly, let’s begin with motivation. Staying at home 24/7 can feel like being caged in and can be very overwhelming. At the moment, I have a feeling most of us can relate to this but imagine how much better you will feel when the clutter is gone and all is tidy in your home. Remember, even an organized mess is better than a disorganized one! You will not only be getting rid of the old and let’s face it, the rubbish, you will also be clearing space for a more productive you. I promise you will notice a considerable improvement in your mood, efficiency and overall wellbeing.

Similar to how you invest time into looking after your mental health by practising self-care, like exercising or meditating, you should also invest time into taking care of your home, like decluttering or redecorating. Both of these are short term activities but will make an enormous, positive change in the long term, both inside and out.

Here are some easy but highly effective tips to help you get rid of the clutter in your home… enjoy!

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1. Early ‘Spring Clean’

You may be wondering why you should spend time and effort cleaning, before you create more of a mess, yet to see exactly what you have and what you need to get rid of, you ideally want a dust-free zone. By the end of all of this you will be pleased you got this step out of the way first. Carry a bin bag with you so you can chuck away the obvious junk, e.g; old magazines, paper lying about and any typical rubbish that has built up.

You will feel as good as new and it’s only the first step!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Listen to an inspiring podcast (Dr Rangan Chatterjee)
  • Learn how to to spring clean your home from the best; Marie Kondo has this great checklist!
  • Do this step before to save time
  • Take everything off of your shelves and lay them out so you can see what you’ve got

2. Out With The Old!

Now you have everything out and visible, it’s time to decide what you want to keep and what you want to chuck. It’s a difficult process, especially if you are a hoarder (like me). But this is essential so you can get rid of the clutter in your home and keep it that way. Being a minimalist – as Marie Kondo would say – doesn’t mean you have a bare house, it means the things you do have, you appreciate and you don’t have more than is needed.

A great way to do this is by creating three categories; the beautiful and functional, the sentimental and the junk.

The beautiful and functional are the things which will look great on display and that you need in your day to day life that works. Ask yourself, does this item bring me joy? Do I need this?

The sentimental are things which you simply can’t bear to throw out and are a must keep, even if they don’t look great! The last thing you want is to regret what you’ve thrown away a couple of weeks down the line. Ask yourself will I miss this when it’s gone? Can I store this somewhere safe?

The junk is of course the ‘stuff’ which has passed it’s time and can be given to charity. Or if they are past the stage of no return, can be thrown out. E.g. old clothes, books, makeup… Ask yourself, do I ever use this? Will I ever use this again? 

3. Clever Storage

By this time, your home should be looking worse than when you began. Yes, you read it right, you are right on track! Now to start using clever storage so you can put away your sentimental pieces. Since I love keeping mememories captured in a theatre ticket or photos, I had to find a solution. So I found a beautiful wooden box which I have on display and keep all my mementoes in, almost like a mini treasure box. This works perfectly as from the outside you would never guess the carnage and treasures within.

As for your functional items that don’t quite fit your home decor, or that will easily gather dust or clutter, put them in ‘clever storage’ – furniture which is multi-functional and looks amazing. A coffee table that unfolds to reveal all of your magazines or remotes controls, for example. Here are a few simpler ideas if you are looking for that quick fix.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Wicker baskets
  • Compartments in draws
  • Hang objects, e.g mugs, plants, utensils, clothes
  • Add shelving or storage under the stairs

4. Rearrange

A great way to motivate you to keep this clutter-free bliss is by rearranging all the things you have left from your piles. By doing this you are creating a space which seems new and exciting which you will be inspired to maintain.

You can achieve this – whilst keeping it fun – by simply just playing around with the layout of your shelves, counters and even with your furniture. This is brilliant for those of you who are busy, don’t want to buy anything new, or just simply need a fresh start. Using what you already possess to make something unique, fresh and different. What more could you wish for?

Tips & Tricks:

  • Gain inspiration from Pinterest
  • Read House & Home Magazine or articles
  • Find your own style (read article down below)
  • Switch it up as regularly so you don’t get bored

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5. Incorporate Into Your Routine

Don’t let it get to this stage again! It sounds easier said than done, now that your home is rid of its clutter, but let’s be realistic – life can get in the way. However, if you regularly reorganize the places which get easily cluttered, than it won’t be as big of a job. Building this habit into your morning, evening or weekly routine, will make a huge difference.

Choosing a different one of these spaces a day, for example the dressing table Monday, the workspace Tuesday etc. and dedicating five minutes of your daily routine, will allow you to stay on top of it. It won’t feel like a hassle or a massive job as it will only be a small area.

Tips & Tricks:

  • 5 minute tidy either morning or night
  • See this as your environmental self care
  • Create a schedule to remind yourself

6. Returning Things to Their Rightful Place

Why our homes get so cluttered is simply out of laziness towards putting things back and it really is too easy to do. As well as incorporating a ‘5 minute a day clean up time’, I also try and make a conscious decision to get up and put things back in their rightful place – most of the time…

It will be considerably easier if you have beautiful storage which doesn’t require lots of upkeep. Remember, the more often you do this step, the less running around you will spend attempting to find keys and remote controls!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Share the workload with who you live with!
  • Stick to your schedule
  • Consciously make this one of your habits or goals you want to keep
  • For children to make it more fun you could use a rewards system

The Takeaway:

  • Make your home spotless with a spring clean
  • Let go of the junk and showcase the beautiful
  • Use storage wherever you can
  • Jig your home arround for some motivation
  • Create a full-proof schedule
  • Try and keep it that way!