Why TimeForTidyMinds?

After a crazy year and no doubt another to come, spending more time than ever in our homes and swimming in our own thoughts. We decided to create a space to give you back the control and confidence you deserve, not only to be the designer of your home but your life. It’s time for tidy minds.

Our belief is simple:

Mental wellbeing not only comes from within you but also from what’s around you. We believe that self-care is the way forward and should be the new norm in everyone’s day-to-day lives. Ditching the idea that has been drilled into us. The idea that, ‘to achieve all your dreams it is all about hard work and discipline. That there is no room for error’. However, we think that it is equally as important to rest your body, nurture your mind and feed your soul.

To enjoy life by being able to appreciate the big and little elements. Pushing the boundaries and expectatitions but embracing and excepting what we cannot change. Focusing on what we can change by building on our strengths. Everyone is different as we all know but the reason that is, is often overlooked. We all have varied ideas of ‘perfection’ so instead of seeking others perspective on it we should strive to finding our unique imperfect perfection.

What we write about:

~ Our homes are powerful tools we can use to surround ourselves with positivity, happiness and comfort. From the small things like which plant to place next to your window, to the greater things like the colour of your walls. When you start being the designer of your home, you start to be the architect of your mind. Using this to your advantage will change your life.

~ ‘Tidy Minds’, two simple words… and if only they really were! With so much information on how to be, how not to be, what to eat, what to not eat, what is healthy, what is not healthy etc… We want to share with you our knowledge from personal experiences and information from professionals through research, podcasts and books. So you can live by clarity and intuition. Your ‘knowing’ and instinct is more knowlegeable than any article, book or podcast out there. We can only help you to find the ability to tune into it.

~ Coming Soon! Although admittedly challenging at the moment, instead of locking away the idea of holidays sipping martinis in the sun and throwing away the key. We want to share with you our travels from growing up in the South of France, exploring Canada, UK and soon to be living in Spain. Aswell as past destinations, future destinations too. The world is your oyster, a never ending list of different cultures, people, foods and diversity of architecture and design for you to grow from.