How To Transform Your House To A Home

How To Transform Your House To A Home?

How we live in our homes – since the pandemic – has changed forever. Instead of only seeing our homes after a long days work at the office, or a late-night drink with friends, we now spend significantly more time inside. I think most people have come to the realisation that we have entered into a new era of architecture and interior design. A time where you need your house to become a home. In 2021, it is now a necessity to ditch or rethink the minimalist approach, to instead opt for bright colours, cosy materials and have fun with our textures and patterns.

Cold, unwelcoming and disorganised rooms are things of the past!

The question to ask ourselves is: do our home spaces bring us comfort, wellness and serenity? A getaway from the chaos we are currently living in? Or do they make it increasingly harder to relax and reflect. So, with offices becoming our bedrooms, bars our kitchens and living rooms no longer just being TV rooms, it is time to invest in our environment. Nodding your head in agreement? Then it’s time you transform your house to a beautiful home.

Don’t worry, this does not need to break the bank or overflow into precious friends and family zoom hours, it will simply increase productivity in the long-term. I firmly believe that creating spaces which bring you joy is essential for our mental wellbeing, productivity and overall sanity.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to transform your house into a home.

1. Keep It or Chuck It

To start you need a strong base layer by combing through what doesn’t belong and what has to stay. 

If you are already a minimalist at heart, you can skip this step but if you are a hoarder, or haven’t had a clean out in a while, this step is a must.

Time for an early spring clean! Now, I don’t mean chuck away everything as you can always put items which don’t look quite right into storage. You do want to have a clean slate though, so most importantly, no more cluttered shelves!

Not only is this fantastic for your home but will clear your mind and make you much more organised. Whenever I lose motivation, I check my environment for clutter that doesn’t sit right or makes me feel stressed. A couple hours out of my day to ensure I sort through my wardrobe for example, works wonders!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Put everything into these four piles: beautiful, sentimental, junk or functional.
  • Work from the top to the bottom of your house, working your way up
  • Use a box for the sentimental category so you can keep it safe as a momento

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2. Make a Mood Board

A quick plan is always the answer to sort through all your ideas and will help you determine what colours, textures and style you want.

Either put on your DIY hat and use snippets from magazines, paint/fabric samples and photos to create a physical board. Or you can simply use Pinterest and create a digital board.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Firstly I would lay out everything that catches your eye, you can edit later
  • Keep in mind your budget and time; you can add things over time
  • Make sure it all works together and brings a smile to your face

3. Lighting your home

Now you know what style you want and have paired back the mess, you can see what is truly beautiful and what needs showcasing. Lighting can bring warmth to a home and can also make certain things stand out.

  • Lamps are fantastic ways to bring warmth to a room and come in all shapes and sizes. I am a huge fan of overhanging lamps, like the gorgeous copper one in my living room. These create small havens, perfect for a quiet spot to read your book with a hot mug of tea in the evenings or in my case, my dog’s favourite spot!
  • Candles are not only another great way to bring subtle light, ambience and cosiness to a room but can also make us have a better night sleep. As spoken of in one of my favourite podcasts, Feel Better Live More. Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Linda Geddes discuss an experiment which showed that our exposure to artificial light at night is especially bad for our circadian rhythms. This affects the quality and amount that we sleep. Therefore, candles can be a good solution and are very aesthetically pleasing too but of course, don’t forget to blow them out before you sleep!

4. Comfort is key

Home is where you want to feel cosy and wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility and at this particular time of the year, warmth. Having all the comforts is essential for transforming a house where you need to wear ten jumpers, to a home where only one will be required. By warmth I don’t just mean temperature, I am talking about colours and textures.

  • Throws and Throws –  what screams comfort more than these? Adding texture, and maybe if you’re brave a dash of pattern or colour, can compliment a room and be used anywhere in our home. Kitchens can sometimes be cold and stark but adding cushions to your kitchen chairs or stools will bring warmth to the room – we all need to make our house feel more homely.
  • Curtains can easily be forgotten but they are a perfect way to add something new to coincide with the old. Use similar colours or textures to your old beloved armchair, or the painting over your fireplace, or maybe choose curtains with gold hints to match your gold tray.
  • Rugs come in plenty of shapes, sizes and styles, the choice is endless. They are fantastic solutions to neutral toned spaces which are in desperate need of a pop of colour. Adding pattern and texture will bring the room to life.
  • Clothes Racks are an orignal way to add comfort to your bedroom, especially if you hang all your favourite jumpers and hoodies. Another great way to keep your closet organised too – an added bonus.

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5. Home Vignettes

What is a vignette? A vignette is a small grouping of objects which is not only aesthetically pleasing but tells a story…

As I said at the beginning of this article, our homes are now becoming more than ever a part of our livelihoods; our new bars, cafes and even gyms. Here are some examples of vignettes which will add that much needed flare and fun to every corner:

  • Stay at Home Bar –  increasingly popular and super easy to create. All you need is plenty of pretty spirit bottles, a cocktail set (or simply a shaker and stirrer), glasses to match and some sliced limes. Pop it all neatly on a gold tray or even a drinks cart, a flea market is often a great place to find these, and that homemade margarita is in sight…
  • Sunny Morning Spot – do you love a quiet morning coffee? Then this is perfect for you. Find a sunny space which is flooded with natural light, a window seat, for example. On a stool nearby place your favourite stack of books or magazines, add a plant, coasters, whatever brings you joy and motivation in the morning. I always keep my journal, pad and pen so I can write my to-do list for the day ahead.
  • At home gym – with exercise, yoga and meditation being arguably more important than ever, having an allocated corner with a beautiful vignette will be hard to refuse! You could have a neatly folded yoga mat, workout clothes, water bottle and weights or resistance bands. Go the extra mile by adding motivational quotes which inspire you on the wall in frames, or place it on a stool with the other items.

The Takeaway For Your New Home:

  • Establish what is and what isn’t junk
  • Plan ahead; e.g mood board
  • Lighting is everything
  • Make sure it has the cosy factor
  • Create special corners in your home
  • Personalise the space for you, make it your happy place!